AbroadRadio 3.27 Released !


Why did you Choose the AbroadRadio


The only software of its kind support Flash Radio

  More and More people will find the radio station suddently doesn't work
copy the site to WMP doesn't work too.It's because of more corperation

use the new Protocol,but this software is different. not only can directly

play this style station,but also to customized definition it, is it cool ?

The only software built in Net TV function

  Different from other software, It not only can listening the radio,but also
  can Watch the TV.and the Television content also colorful,including
  domestic and foreign well-known television station,Eg.BBC,CCTV,CNN,
  Skynews,France24,Euronews TV...

Listening the TV Function

  If above function has made you feel this software is different.,then I'd say
  the following function might made you crazy."Listening the TV" - Yes,It's
  true.As we all know,sometimes Listening the TV can save your Network
  resources,and make the play fluency.More rare,he can relax your eyes
  Think it, you'll get the different feelings.

Built in "Share Radio Station function"

  Let me explain it, If you love some station in the software,you can click
  the "share" Button,It'll publish the infomation in the full position of the
  software.If you provide the info about you at first,such as Skype,Email.
  Then someone can share or exchange with you through click the button.

Built in "Network Control and Warning"

  For many students, Network traffic is a big problem.But this software is
  different from others,It provide the "Network traffic control and warning"
  function[include Radio and TV].So you can deside how and when to use it.
  Even you can setting the value, if the traffic excess it,show a warning.Save
  your resource.